Friday, March 22, 2013

Bunny Buns [Delicious Yet Ugly]

It seems every spring Pinterest goes gaga again for these adorable bunny buns. They’ve been so over-pinned that I had no luck in tracing down the original pin.

(Photo courtesy of Pinterest. Just search for “bunny buns” and you’ll find a million links seemingly none of which go back to the original author.)

Several weeks ago I tried out an delicious orange knot recipe that held it’s knot shape really well, so I decided to try it again as bunny buns.

Yeah, that wasn’t a winning decision.


  1. maybe it takes practice? But ya... it's so hard to make pinterest-y things turn out as you intended...

  2. Not so much a practice as I need a dough that retains its shape better.

  3. At least you gave it a go and that is huge