Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pinterest Challenge

Sisters Share It All: Pinterest Challenge

Pinterest is the answer to the just over 100 links I had bookmarked as something to remember for the future, but I never could recall what those things were based on the title of the link alone. The problem was so glaring I'm a bit ashamed I didn't invent and code Pinterest on my own. Pinterest finally provided me with a visual representation of what I wished to recall.

I hear Pinterest is spoken of in two ways. First, "I love Pinterest! So many pretty ideas I never use. Second, "Nothing ever turns out like it does on Pinterest, I don't know why I bother."

My experience with Pinterest doesn't agree with either of those extremes. I start on my own Pinterest boards when I'm looking for a craft, an organization technique, or a menu. I also frequently delete pins that have sat idle or that, despite looking for something to do, I just cannot bring myself to do it. (e.g. A recipe requires half a gallon of oil for frying and for the past year I've been unable to commit myself to that level of clean up. If it hasn't happened in 52 weeks it ain't ever going to happen. Delete.) Visiting the boards frequently and being willing to delete things means that I actually follow through on the ideas and that I let go of the ideas that I'm no longer interested in.

And failure? Yup. It happens. See also the bunny rabbit buns I tried last week. They were more ugly blobs than bunny rabbits. If there are two life lessons that apply to Pinterest they are: one, know your abilities and dictate your plans and expectations accordingly, and two, it is ok to fail.

Ok, I'm stepping off my soapbox for now.

So, the egomaniac behind that rant believes she's pretty good at actually doing the things she collects on Pinterest. The thing is, I never actually wave my little, decoupaged banner of triumph to the world. I'm terrible at blogging about things. (See also the aforementioned blobs. Not that you wanted to see them.)

For that reason I'm participating in the Pinterest Challenge. I first heard of the challenge through Alli.It's a little challenge where you select 6 Pinterest pins, complete them in the next month before April, and blog about them in one or multiple posts. Yeah, it's that last part that's going to get me.

Here are the pins I've selected:

Um, yes, I am able to count, and, yes, there are more than 6 there. It's just, I already have 3 of those on my grocery shopping list and it feels to be cheating a tinsy bit if they're already planned and practically in the works for March.

  1. Canvas Lined Diaper Box
  2. Animal Cookies
  3. Cloth Pull Baby Toy
  4. Fabric Notes
  5. Painting with Yogurt
  6. Roti Chicken
  7. Table Runner Rolling
  8. Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

If you want to participate: choose "six" things on Pinterest that you want to try between now and April, create a blog post, and link up by clicking this link.

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