Monday, September 10, 2012

A Stained Glass Art Panel

This little beauty of aqua, red, and blue was made back in July in an "Art Strip Workshop" at Blue Moon Glassworks in Austin, Texas. It's a quick, three hour class which doesn't even take the time to cement this piece. I'm assured it's such a small thing at only 3-inches wide and about 2-feet tall that it doesn't need the structural rigidity cementing would give it. Well, that and cementing takes a lot mess and time.

I'm pretty pleased with the piece. When I walked into the class I hadn't the slightest notion what the panel I would walk out with would look like. The student seated directly across from me was a lefty, and the way that the workstations were designed meant that our work spaces occupied the exact same square footage. She started building first, so that gave me a good 40 minutes to play with design and colors. (Albeit it also meant that I was rushed through my own build. I'd already taken a class working with lead before, so it wasn't detrimental.)

Now I just need to aquire a hook and chain so that I can hang it up!

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